Are you fed up doing what you've always done?

Then try changing how you do, what you've always done.

Embrace cutting edge practices for healthy working relationships, mindfulness practice and effective communication.

We organically introduce cultural change. We can help you reduce stress, time loss, leakage, wastage, and rework towards measurable outcomes

Wisdom, Integrity and Persistence

Our offering

Our offering to you, your employees, and your business

We offer a radical consulting service for improving your business.

It is radical because our consulting is relationship-oriented rather than problem-oriented.

We focus on the deeper dynamics of the systems and human connections that drive the success or otherwise of your venture.


We help you create mindfulness and congruence

"Deeper human dynamics are often in play."

We help you create congruence. We notice that many organisations, many workplaces, suffer from a lack of congruence.

Congruence is a state of coming together, being in alignment, having a common agreement, in other words having the deep intent to work together.

Many workplaces go through the motions of agreement, but deeper human dynamics are often in play to sabotage optimal outcomes. By working with you on those deeper human dynamics we introduce new energy into the business environment.

A new energy in the business environments creates the platform for better results, higher profitability and long-term sustainability.

We work with any organisation

"Feeling the pinch? We can assist."

We work within any organisation, and we specialise in those with 20 to 100 people.

If your business is a small to medium enterprise that is feeling the pinch, feeling the struggle, feeling the ongoing frustration of making things fall into place, we can assist you to move forward.

Contact us to arrange a chat about your needs.


We present you with ways to easily and gracefully move through struggles, to understand and respect the viewpoints of the mix of people who together help or hinder organisational progress.

We offer a systematic process for bringing the unspoken into awareness, and in doing so ensure that people are willing, able, and enthused to embrace cultural change. We cannot help you impose change from above. We can help you guide people along a pathway for change. We call this process moving into congruence.


Inspired Intentions system of Radical Consultancy™

"We focus on the deeper dynamics."

Working with you towards achieving better results for your business by creating and supporting congruence.


Believe-n-Breathe Diagram

Our "Believe-n-Breathe" meditation practice is undoubtedly the most powerful life-changing tool I have experienced.

Marrying your belief with the transformative Embodiment Breath practice daily has the potential to create magical outcomes.

Apply it to any aspect of your life: Work, health, relationships, goals, patterns of behaviour.

To find out more contact me via the Contact Form

-- Abraham Moses

-- Breath Therapist - Inspiring Personal Transformation.

Our values

Conducting business with Wisdom, Integrity and Persistence

  • 1We help you clarify your business vision and direction

    You and your people need to know where you are heading. "When you know where you are going, people can help you get there!"

  • 2We review your business processes and systems

    Present systems may no longer support your direction. "Design the vehicle to take you towards where you want to go"!

  • 3We involve all people into the process

    Commitment and energy comes from the people. "Every vehicle, every journey needs drivers and plenty of gas!"

  • 4We coach for long term and short term strategies

    We assist you to grow and expand organically by establishing long-term partnerships! “In nature, there is a season and timing for everything… saplings don’t usually bear fruit."

  • 5We set up win-win relationships with you and in your business

    Your success is our success. “When we help you win, we win!”


Group Facilitation for Results - Focusing your Work Force

Here is your solution when it is time to get moving.
Got a clear business goal and direction?
Got the systems that will take you there? Is it time to lead your people?

OK? Now bring in the facilitator; get your team into alignment with your team goal. Change attitudes, actions, and behaviours to focus collaboration and drive.

Integrated Quality Management

Does the word “Quality” give you a pain in the...?

We believe that quality extends into the way the organisation manages and conducts its business, in addition to “ticking the boxes” for compliance.

Integrated Quality Management means training to integrate diligence, into every process, eliminating rework, increasing efficiency and delighting customers who keep returning for more!

Make best practice the way you manage and conduct your business all the time. Our Integrated Quality Management tools set you up to continuously improve quality & productivity, health & sustainability, margins & profits.

Executive Coaching

We deliver qualified coaching in one-on-one sessions that help key personnel raise their performance to the next level.

Our coaching brings wisdom from outside the system, assists your managers to remove the blocks they seldom speak about. Free them to manage your business for you – whilst working at their highest potential.

Your coach can also mentor work groups to work together in sync, thereby achieving consistently high outcomes.

Integrated EggBiz

An exciting, easy-to-use software program for small to medium egg businesses.

Enter your flock records into one easy recording system. Then use the data to help you make sound decisions that will improve flock performance and benefit your bottom line.

Visit the site: Integrated Eggbiz


About Abe Moses

Proprietor of Inspired Intentions, Abe works with small to medium sized businesses assisting them improve their quality, productivity and bottom line.

Abe provides high quality consulting and coaching services.


Abe is calm, but relentless and passionate - driven by his desire “to be and make a difference” in the world by coaching and mentoring people towards achieving their potential. Abe works to harness creative capacity within the business and progressively empowers people towards excellence.  A long time student of philosophy, psychology and personal growth, Abe brings a unique “holistic” perspective on life and uses this perspective to help organisations to expand and grow organically.

What does Abe bring to the table:

In Abe's words: Gentle challenges and enquiry. Presence. Holding a space from where awareness can organically arise. Awareness of our particular patterns, pathways, assumptions, innuendoes, of hidden agendas, of communication styles, intentions, needs, desires and wishes. Bringing clarity assists people find a way to relax, to trust each other thru different communication. Providing a container so that all communication can be received. A safe holding space where truth can be expressed without risk of reprisal. 

Background - Abe Moses



  • Executive coaching, group coaching and facilitating for outcomes
  • Holistic, organic systems thinking and organisational alignment
  • Effective communication skills for business congruence
  • Designing / implementing quality management and continuous improvement programs
  • Mindfulness as a health and wellness practice
  • Practical spirituality – in the home, at work and in relationships

Qualifications / Experience/ Achievements:

  • Bachelor of Rural Science (B.Ru.Sc) graduate (UNE, Armidale, NSW)
  • Four years as General Manager, one year as Director of Quality and Training for a leading US agricultural business
  • Awarded the “Presidents Award” in recognition of outstanding dedication to the Mission and Vision Statement of the Company.
  • W. Edwards Deming trained in Systems and Quality Management.
  • Invited twice to speak at the local branch of the American Society for Quality Control. (ASQC New England branch)
  • Creator, Integrated EggBiz, flock management software for the egg Industry
  • Poultry Industry Quality and Systems Consultant, including consulting for the Australian Egg Corporation Ltd
  • Accredited Executive and Group coach (Level 2) through the Institute of Executive Coaching
  • Mindfulness training - Institute of Executive Coaching


Frank Webb CPA

Committee Member at Greater Blacktown Business Chamber

"Great insights into systems and the way people operate"

I have known Abe now for about 7 years. He has a very caring and gentle manner that comes from his strength of character and intelligence. Abe has great insights into systems and the way people operate. Any business owner or organisation that engages him will receive exceptional value.

Dr Judy Moss

Medical Practitioner and Life Coach

"Holistic, empathic, grounded manner"

I have had the pleasure of working with and witnessing Abe both privately and in his professional capacity for the last three years. A highly intelligent and accomplished man, he skillfully brings his Agricultural Science background and “organic” energy to every facet of his life and his work. I particularly admire his commitment and ability to nurture exponential growth and expansion in people and their lives, as well as his talent for gently coaching and integrating quality management principles into the organisation's bottom line for long term sustainability. His holistic, empathic, grounded manner inspires, motivates and enables the individuals and teams he coaches to take action and achieve their highest potential. I feel privileged to be associated with him.

Richard Udale

Geneticist at Crystal Lake Farms

"Lasting Solutions"

While I was a Geneticist at Avian Farms, Waterville, Maine I worked with and shared Abe's enthusiasm for implementing the Quality Improvement Process.
I appreciated his support and stabilizing influence when things got a little crazy. He has great insight and creativity and was also willing to change his approach when necessary.
I highly recommend Abe's work to anyone wishing to find lasting solutions to their problems whether of a personal or business nature

Dr Angus Crossan

AECL RD&E Program Manager

"Technical expertise, communication, leadership, coaching and mentoring skills"

I worked with Abe Moses from Aug 2011-Sept 2014 whilst he was engaged as the Extension, Quality and Training Consultant at the Australian Egg Corporation Ltd (AECL). During this time, Abe demonstrated a unique set of skills and experience from his years of involvement in the poultry industry including technical expertise, communication, leadership, coaching and mentoring skills. These skills assisted him in effectively working with people at many different levels.

Abe capably and successfully managed projects, people, systems and resources. Specific projects where Abe applied his unique skill set include:

  • Management of Industry Consultative Committees (Training and Quality) to support the development and implementation of Egg Industry training programs
  • Designed a web-based Flock Management program (Integrated EggBiz)
  • His experience and understanding of HACCP and Quality as the way a business operates, was key in his contribution to rewriting the Industry Quality Standard. In fact, Abe integrates this Quality philosophy into his own work, which is testament to his high degree of engagement and professionalism.

I would have no hesitation in recommending businesses to engage in a conversation with Abe, to ascertain whether his specific and unique talents could assist in making a difference to their business.

Ed Love

Screenwriter, Life Coach, Actor, Web Designer

"Communicates very clearly"

I have worked with Abe on several occasions, and was (and still am) very impressed with his integrity. He always goes for a win / win, communicates very clearly, and is extremely easy to work with. Not only that, but he has also become a good friend over the years. That doesn't happen with everyone I work with. I highly recommend him!

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