About Abe Moses

Proprietor of Inspired Intentions, Abe works with small to medium sized businesses assisting them improve their quality, productivity and bottom line.

Abe provides high quality consulting and coaching services.


Abe is calm, but relentless and passionate - driven by his desire “to be and make a difference” in the world by coaching and mentoring people towards achieving their potential. Abe works to harness creative capacity within the business and progressively empowers people towards excellence.  A long time student of philosophy, psychology and personal growth, Abe brings a unique “holistic” perspective on life and uses this perspective to help organisations to expand and grow organically.

What does Abe bring to the table:

In Abe's words: Gentle challenges and enquiry. Presence. Holding a space from where awareness can organically arise. Awareness of our particular patterns, pathways, assumptions, innuendoes, of hidden agendas, of communication styles, intentions, needs, desires and wishes. Bringing clarity assists people find a way to relax, to trust each other thru different communication. Providing a container so that all communication can be received. A safe holding space where truth can be expressed without risk of reprisal.