• Dr Angus Crossan
    AECL RD&E Program Manager

    I worked with Abe Moses from Aug 2011-Sept 2014 whilst he was engaged as the Extension, Quality and Training Consultant at the Australian Egg Corporation Ltd (AECL). During this time, Abe demonstrated a unique set of skills and experience from his years of involvement in the poultry industry including technical expertise, communication, leadership, coaching and mentoring skills. These skills assisted him in effectively working with people at many different levels.

    Abe capably and successfully managed projects, people, systems and resources. Specific projects where Abe applied his unique skill set include:

    • Management of Industry Consultative Committees (Training and Quality) to support the development and implementation of Egg Industry training programs
    • Designed a web-based Flock Management program (Integrated EggBiz)
    • and his experience and understanding of HACCP and Quality as the way a business operates, was key in his contribution to rewriting the Industry Quality Standard. In fact, Abe integrates this Quality philosophy into his own work, which is testament to his high degree of engagement and professionalism.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending businesses to engage in a conversation with Abe, to ascertain whether his specific and unique talents could assist in making a difference to their business.


  • Egg Producer

    We realised the value of implementing Egg Management System principles in our farming operations three years ago. 

    We are now seeing the bottom line benefits in flocks that are diligently following the “measurement, improvement, profit” model.

  • Richard Udale
    Geneticist at Crystal Lake Farms

    While I was a Geneticist at Avian Farms, Waterville, Maine I worked with and shared Abe's enthusiasm for implementing the Quality Improvement Process.

    I appreciated his support and stabilizing influence when things got a little crazy. He has great insight and creativity and was also willing to change his approach when necessary.

    I highly recommend Abe's work to anyone wishing to find lasting solutions to their problems whether of a personal or business nature

  • Dr Judy Moss
    Medical Practitioner and Life Coach

    I have had the pleasure of working with and witnessing Abe both privately and in his professional capacity for the last three years. A highly intelligent and accomplished man, he skillfully brings his Agricultural Science background and “organic” energy to every facet of his life and his work.

    I particularly admire his commitment and ability to nurture exponential growth and expansion in people and their lives, as well as his talent for gently coaching and integrating quality management principles into the organisation's bottom line for long term sustainability.

    His holistic, empathic, grounded manner inspires, motivates and enables the individuals and teams he coaches to take action and achieve their highest potential.

    I feel privileged to be associated with him.